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When your job decides to take a dump on you, your usual reaction might be to inflict the same on the next salesperson/waiter/idiot/innocent passerby.  My job dropped a huge deuce on me today, which kind of sucked considering I was on day three of a stomach bug.  When I was finally able to leave at 7:25 pm (and I’d been there since 8:20 am), it was frozen outside and blowing snow.  My bus from Union Station decided to keep me waiting out in the freezingness for half an hour, so I didn’t get home till 8:30ish.

 However, I made a friend on the way home!  You don’t know how rare this is.  While waiting for the bus, I had this entirely delightful conversation with an endearing GW grad student.  We talked about where we lived (three blocks from each other), where we came from, what we liked about DC…  It was just such a nice way to end the (crap-ass) day.  We get so wrapped up in our jobs, our errands, in the minutiae of our lives that we forget how to connect with our fellow man.  It isn’t the job or the dry cleaning or the fact that I missed Duelo de Pasiones tonight.  The connection is all that really matters. 


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among the memes, this one is rather cool

is dewey decimal still alive?

You can go here if you want your own.  The Fox has done one too.  He gets that whole brevity being the soul of wit thing…

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there’s no shortcut to maturity

I’m still working out some kinks, bloggally and personally.  But the old format and nickname needed to go and pronto!  Many things are still evolving, but at least the blog issue is no longer preying on my subconscious. 

I don’t plan to import the old blog, but maybe will link to it…  I won’t be taking the change public as yet. 

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