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kinda pointless

I don’t “get” myspace. At all.  

A friend encouraged me to set up a page as a networking tool.  Apparently it is still hot amongst the arty hipsters in NYC.  My myspace page is dullsville.  I don’t blog on it.  I have all of seven friends, and only two of them are real.  To clarify, there are people who set up myspace pages for fictional characters, events and bands, in addition to the usual pimply teenagers and the perverts who “love” them.  There are pages for Robert the Bruce, the Loch Ness Monster, and Prince Phillip – husband of Queen Elizabeth.  I have to think that things are pretty much over for myspace when stuffy geezers get their own pages and friends.  I can see the funny in having a page for old dead guys (hey, I wonder how many pages are devoted to Jesus…), but whatever.

Since I’m visiting Edinburgh for a couple days in April, I friended the cast of Trainspotting.  They’re not picky about friending you back (I know, shocker) and Begbie sends out hilariously uninteligible annoucements.  I was thinking that I should try to use it to make some friends ahead of my trip, but that seems kinda like more work than its worth.  It’d be easier to just hit one of the locals and start drinking… 


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the sound of a thousand shoes dropping

So, the third date with Mr. Super Nice Guy did not end well.  Without going into detail, he feels that anything beyond kissing (and we’re talking pretty chaste kissing here) outside the bounds of matrimony is immoral.  There were some rather major issues associated with this value – at some point he mentioned our differing value systems which I found rather chafing – so that’s that!  I mean, I could entertain the notion of not “doing it” until marriage, but the concept of not doing anything else?  No. Freaking. Way.  I like to try before I buy, thankyouverymuch.

In other news, my niece went peepee in the potty yesterday!  I got the news personally – she was so proud of herself.  She doesn’t turn two till next Saturday!  A prodigy


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Only I would meet the only guy on CL who wants to court. 

 I’m okay with it for now.  Being courted is completely new to me, and extremely pleasant and he does seem okay with goodnight kisses.  The man says the sweetest things at surprising times.  I keep waiting for that shoe to drop; to hear, “you’re so great, but…”  Instead I get, “I just loved spending time with you tonight.  It meant a lot to me to just sit quietly together while I read.”  The compliments are so frequent, and proffered so sincerely, that I’m a little overwhelmed.  He’s already asked me out for next Monday!  He wants to go out again on Saturday!  He’s tall, dark and handsome.  He’s gentle and thoughtful.  I can’t stop thinking about him.  I think I may actually feel hope!

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i never learn

I’ve sunk to an all new low!  Craigslist personals!!!!  NOOOOOO!!!!!!

But, yes, dear friends.  I answered an M4W ad on CL.  Not one of those nasty “CE’s” or a “CE” posing as an honest-to-god M4W.  Because that is some Scary Shit.  I don’t know what possessed me but I responded to an ad.  This chap seems so earnest and nice so you know he’s a serial killer dater.  Prolly.  He’s a bit younger so maybe he just isn’t as well-versed as I where online dating is concerned.  I don’t know if his lack of experience will work for or against me… Lets all send extra nice karma in the direction of “for”. ‘kay?

So, what makes me think he’s a newbie?  Because all it took was one semi-descriptive backgrounder of an email and a b/w headshot (a la the Bunny’s/Cita’s new Mac) for him to call me “mesmerizing”.  Now, don’t you think for a single second that I disagree with this assessment, but methinks he came to that (so totes correct) conclusion way too soon.  Only the inexperienced online dater makes this sort of mistake assumption mistake. 

At the same time, how endearing!  It reminds me of those first heady days of my first online date!  Now, that boy was experienced and he had the body of a minor greek god – perfect Davids.  (Why didn’t I sleep with that boy when I had the chance?  Dammit!)  I think the reason I haven’t hung this redonkulousness up is because those first dates with that first online guy were so very pleasant.  The few decent dates or friendships I’ve formed from this poorly-planned social experiment make up for all the losers.  So far.  It would be so nice to be excited about someone based on an innocent email message instead of asking myself, “What’s wrong with this guy?  What is his game?” 

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vanity projects

red-glow-3-10-07.jpgThis is what happens when friends leave me along with their new Mac and a glass of wine…

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