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babykins kicks it up a notch


My niece turned two on Friday.  Check out her hair!  You may not be able to see, but it goes down to her elbows in back when pinned back in a ponytail.  She received a Tickle Me Elmo TMX for her birthday (they were scarce over Christmas) and thanked me for it this morning after singing a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday to me.  Evidently her 2nd birthday party was a huge success. 

 Now, you can’t tell from this photo, but girlfriend is wearing a little long pale yellow linen top that buttons down the back with matching pantaloons!  We found it at this place called Strasbourg Children.  Baby couture!  We don’t dress small children like grown-ups in our family.  And why one would do that anyway is beyond me – the psychological pressure you exert by dressing a child like an adult is so very wrong.  Children should stay children for as long as possible.  Life is hard enough as it is.

I’m tempted to find a Mediterranean or Latino to marry just so I can create children that look like this. 


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