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the comments issue – rectified. maybe

Okay – I think I finally found the box to uncheck that allows everyone to comment without having to register.  Comment away!  Or, if it doesn’t work, email me and bitch about it!  I won’t care since I’m on vacation!


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tally ho!

The first vacation in four years begins tomorrow!  Watch out, Yorkshire lads!  What ho, hunky Scotsman!  I’m bringing the sassy and the sexy.  I will not be bringing the Smackberry or the cell phone.  My ability to communicate digitally will be curbed.  I think this will be good for me.  I hope to return with my sense of humor, a greater tolerance for adult beverages, and renewed energy.  Also, I hope to do some Christmas shopping even though the dollar took another dive against the pound today.  Babykins says she needs a new dolly and my nephew needs to be the only kid in his area with a bonafide football jersey (Manchester United, perhaps).

I also hope to return with many amusing tales.  Send good karma, my friends.

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