a fleeting moment of photographic glory

Whitby AbbeyDo you know why this photo, of the ruins of Whitby Abbey, is so fucking great?  Its because I’m not in the photo to ruin it. 

I had my photos developed today and the main thing that occurred to me whilst reviewing them was, “What possessed me to wear that?”  Then, I remembered that the walk up the hill to this gorgeous ruin that sits atop one of the world’s most picturesque seaside villages, was like the Bataan Death March, Episode II:  Attack of My Fat Ass.  T-shirt and ratty sweater activewear were mandatory. 

It was at the Abbey where I and the Brit’s Beau encountered the oddest ducks.  Seriously, cute little white ducks.  A pair of them ambled up while we considered the ruin and politely waited at our feet for about 30 seconds before waddling off.  No angry or beggerish quacking – even the damn ducks are well-behaved in Yorkshire.  The Brit’s Beau captured it somewhere along the lines of, “Well, hello there.  Don’t mind us.  Feel free to drop some crumbs if you must.  Or don’t.  No really, we’re just leaving.”   As you might imagine, I often felt like a total savage and am sure that my behavior or words shocked/irked somebody over there.  I just can’t take me anywhere anymore…


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