kneel before my photographic prowess!

Another shot of Whitby AbbeyThese photos were taken with a Kodak Advantix camera that my sister gave to me for Christmas over 4 years ago – before I went to Italy with the Alabama Slama.    Crazy.  The last time I took photos I was proud of, I was in Spain, 16 years of age, and using a DISC camera.  Remember those?

Whitby Abbey is fantastic.  It was abandoned in the 14th century.  That thought just makes my hair stand on end.  I think I can actually get away with telling my mom that I went to church on Easter…  and that I loved it!   

abbey all

 This Advantix camera is my bitch!

Bram Stoker is also responsible for putting Whitby on the map by featuring St. Mary’s Church (in addition to the town) in Dracula.  Also, Lonely Planet says that it is the best place in the UK to get fish ‘n’ chips!  It was tasty, but I have to say that the version I had for lunch in Edinburgh outmatched Whitby’s… 


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