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stuff I drank part 2

Wanna know why I didn’t get any in the UK?  Because I 1.) lack the requisite subtlety to flirt effectively with British men, and 2.) because British women are totally fun to hang with. 

One reason Edinburgh will always be so special to me was the lovely group of women that met me for dinner and drinks one night.  Remember when I put down myspace?  Well, I owe those guys an apology.  The arty friend who talked me into trying it “introduced” me to one of her myspace contacts who had given her some invaluable travel advice, and who happened to live in Edinburgh.  And, who offered to hang out for a while during my visit.  Much fun was had (at least by me)!

Exhibit A:  The interior of The Cumberland Bar in New Town:

inside the cumberland

Made famous in Alexander McCall Smith’s 44 Scotland Street, we met here for a few drinks first.  Those drinks included:

1. A wee dram of Caol Ila

2. Sandy Hunter’s Ale

3. Deuchar’s IPA

Oof – on an empty stomach too. 

Exhibit B:  Outside The Cumberland (post drinks) with new friends:

outside the cumberland

Right before this photo was taken, it was decided that we needed to eat.  The ladies were very understanding of my wanting to immerse myself in their culture, so they took me to this crazy place called Monster Mash for haggis or sausages and mash.  I chickened out at the last moment and got the sausages, and have to say that I was very happy with them.  These ladies also know how to throw back a drink or nine, so they ordered a bottle of wine to go along with the spread of veggie haggis, veggie sausage, etc…  It was at this point that I began to fear for my liver.  Well, not really.  I was much too entertained by their wit and conversation.  Also, thank God for water.

Of course, we couldn’t end the evening without a nightcap.  A very silly pub was nearby…

Jekyll and Hydes is, evidently, one of those places that the youngsters visit during pub crawls.  Their schtick is all the twisted sort of sick stuff you might have seen in horror movies as well as a hidden bathroom.  I had a Glenmorangie.   Lively conversation continued for a bit, and then one of my super new comrades put me into a cab with her and dropped me off at my hotel’s street.  They really were wonderful and interesting women, and I hope that I might meet them again someday.

Don’t get me wrong though, English women were just as fun as their Edinburgh counterparts.  Next:  the Cocktail Party.



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