yo ho ho and a coupla rum cocktails

First of all, I have no idea how to refer to the man I’ve been dating.  I’m loathe to give him the ubiquitous blogalias.  I could refer to him as my boyfriend, but that term is somehow lacking.  I dunno.  Let’s get back to this later.

Secondly, it was a sort of ‘piratey’ weekend.  We kicked it off at The Argonaut over in my nabe with a few cocktails and a decent pub dinner.  Wait – lemme back it up a bit – we actually kicked things off with one of those bison-grass vodka apple juice cocktails at my place and then hit The Argh for some dark rum and ginger beer cocktails called Dark and Stormy’s.  I had a bacon, lettuce and fried green tomato sammich with a side of mac n cheese, and he had the jerk chicken sammich with rice and beans.  The dark and stormy’s were excellent but not so much to render my feet numb enough to endure the walk home in the supremely stupid pair of sandals I vainly thought to wear.  Our tentative plans to hit the Rock and Roll Hotel after dinner to hear a DJ spin Bauhaus/Love and Rockets fell apart due to those damned shoes.  Fortunately, he seemed content with tipsy cuddling. 

Saturday was spent mostly at Arundel Mills with the suburban/rednecky masses.  I had coupons for Off Fifth!  Fendi sunglasses were purchased!  And some other stuff.  Then we hit Dave and Busters for drinks and skeeball.  We earned a lot of useless tickets and exchanged them for crap!  Then we had even more drinks at the Duclaw brew pub.  Then we caught Pirates of the Caribbean.  [The first two were better, but anything with Keith Richards dressed as a pirate must be seen.]  In the midst of this, I learned that he had once won a prize for best pirate costume.  With all the Will Turner/Jack Sparrow hotness (and copious beers) going on, this was a nice revelation.  From which, no doubt, I will derive much inspiration…



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2 responses to “yo ho ho and a coupla rum cocktails

  1. He Who Must Not Be Aliased?

    Or HWMNBA? How cruel…only one vowel.

    Course, being acronymed is kinda the same as being aliased.

  2. allez oop

    Given his thing for Ben Jonson’s Volpone and my thing for translating crap into Spanish, we might have to go with “Zorro”. Will have to run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes that little sucker.

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