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i’m sorry you can’t be me

Regret the lack of posts, but having too much fun.

Thursday, June 15 – Tiny Ninja Theater’s version of Romeo and Juliet at The Kennedy Center’s Millenium Stage.  I know it sounds crazy, but it is.  Oh, its also very good.  If its good enough for Spoleto, it is good enough for you. 

Friday, June 16 – Dead Man’s Cell Phone at Woolly Mammoth Theatre (it has been extended so go!). 

This coming Tuesday – Red Elvises at Iota.  I wanna see you bellydance!

This coming Thursday – Erica’s farewell happy hour to the Bunny and Carmencita at Local 16.

Next weekend – We’re taking Friday off for some hot B&B action in VA wine country (yes, there will be drinking of wine and perhaps mead) as well as some more Romeo and Juliet at the Blackfriars

To return to a topic that seems without resolution, we still lack a blogalias for that guy.  I’m now considering “Teh Awesome” and “Teh Cuteness”. 



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