i’m sorry you can’t be me

Regret the lack of posts, but having too much fun.

Thursday, June 15 – Tiny Ninja Theater’s version of Romeo and Juliet at The Kennedy Center’s Millenium Stage.  I know it sounds crazy, but it is.  Oh, its also very good.  If its good enough for Spoleto, it is good enough for you. 

Friday, June 16 – Dead Man’s Cell Phone at Woolly Mammoth Theatre (it has been extended so go!). 

This coming Tuesday – Red Elvises at Iota.  I wanna see you bellydance!

This coming Thursday – Erica’s farewell happy hour to the Bunny and Carmencita at Local 16.

Next weekend – We’re taking Friday off for some hot B&B action in VA wine country (yes, there will be drinking of wine and perhaps mead) as well as some more Romeo and Juliet at the Blackfriars

To return to a topic that seems without resolution, we still lack a blogalias for that guy.  I’m now considering “Teh Awesome” and “Teh Cuteness”. 



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4 responses to “i’m sorry you can’t be me

  1. J.

    What about “Teh Smitten”? ;)

  2. allez

    Another possibility. But I do wonder if his awesomeness or cuteness might outlive his smitteness. He is beginning to see into my various frailties (spiders, work stress) so the smit could start to wane.

  3. allez

    ‘He’ has accidentally recommended “Full of Smit”. Which I like very much.

  4. J.

    “Full of Smit” is pretty darn good too.

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