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the enemy of my lipstick is not my enemy

A couple weeks ago, Teh Smitten and I rounded up a couple of friends (the Manic Bride and her beau) and hit the Palace of Wonders for their quiz night, Go To Hell. I should have known that it wouldn’t have been your usual sort of quiz night. Suffice to say, they volunteer you for their sordid tortures and humiliations and I learned that I can eat two popsicles in two minutes. I also learned that it was painful to do so. We’re going out for MB’s birthday next weekend, and I kind of hope I can talk her into going to see the Drunk and Dirty Duo perform…

It has been kind of busy – stressful at work. For the first time in years I cried at work a few weeks ago. Things have improved, but a change is long overdue. I have many feelers out and even interviewed for a position (that I decided I wouldn’t take if they made an offer).

Teh Smit, who declared himself the mortal enemy of lipstick today (I don’t know why I keep buying that stuff if he’s just going to kiss me all the damn time), is living with me. The majority of his stuff is at his place but he stays at mine. For those of you who have seen my studio this might be quite a shock. I don’t feel crowded or anything, but do wish sometimes that I had another room where I could go and do unladylike things… The situation is rather pleasant, really, and I find myself counting the hours and minutes each workday so that I can go home to this man.

Oh – meant to tell you that we hit some of the Northern Virginia wineries over Labor Day weekend, and most of them are crap. The one winner of the bunch was Pearmund Cellars. Instead of bumbling about useless places like Swedenburg (pedestrian stuff – meh) or Piedmont (which wasn’t bad, but the folks pouring didn’t have anything to say about the wines), go to Pearmund or their “sister winery”, La Grange.  The owner was on site and doing a special reserve tasting when we visited.  He was a great ambassador for VA wines; if he’s on hand during a tasting you’d be in great luck.  Both wineries are easy drives from DC. We bought a bottle of Cabernet Franc and something called Vin de Sol which is strangely like bonafide sherry. Maybe I ought to crack that sucker open while I’m thinking about it.

Teh Smit also took me to the Maryland Renaissance Festival on Labor Day. Why do they have to hold those things when it is so hot? And how do the poor performers stand it? I was fine for about 3 hours and then the heat got to me during a performance of 20 minute Macbeth. Or was it Hamlet? All I know is that I turned to Smitten and said, “I’m not feeling well,” and we were on our way to get water and walk gingerly to the car. My advice is to wait and go when the weather improves. Also, be aware that bathroom facilities involve port-a-lets. I have a huge amount of respect for the women performers – it takes balance enough to hover over those things – can’t imagine doing it in costume.


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