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the angels of st. pete beach

wee angel

My sister and her family went to Florida last week.  They had asked me to come along (I was responsible for introducing them to the beauty of the EPCOT pub crawl, afterall) but work is just too much in the way right now.  Also, I hated the idea of spending my birthday without Teh Smitten.  It was good for them to spend this vacation together just as a nuclear family – they now know that they can have a fantastic time without me.  [Hm.  Actually a little jealous about that come to think of it.]

After seeing the photos, I am now in the throes of vacation-envy.  The much-feared work project is cresting on October 22-24, and next week is going to be a real bizatch.  Be nice to Teh Smitten this week and next.  He will need your sympathy and kind words as he won’t be getting any from his roommate.  I managed to order his birthday gifts last week (thank god for Amazon wishlists), and am hoping that I’ll be able to undo any damage starting on his birthday (the 24th).

both angels

Alas, I must wait till Christmas to see them again.  Oh, did I mention that Teh Smitten will be coming along?

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unleashing my inner geek

Quite recently, an old beau accused me of being a geek and also of hiding that whilst we dated.  Yes, Nunzio, I’m talking about you.

I’m torn on the matter, to be honest.  Part of me chafes at being called on my geekdom and part of me is all, “I have never denied my geek tendencies, yo!”  I am pretty up front about having read the entire Dune series and I do live in DC, after all.  It takes a certain amount of pencil-necked geekiness to get by in this town for a dozen years.  I like Monty Python and Mel Brooks flicks and am an avid PBS fan (as I do not have cable and so cannot yet be a SciFi addict).

“…The Golden Compass, Annie Lennox, Rome and Firefly? I don’t think you were this much of a geek when we dated. That, or you were keeping it well hidden. Or the boyfriend has awakened the inner geek. Somethin don’t add up. And let the record show that at the trial [the one where we testified against the guy that tried to steal my handbag on Nunzio’s and my first date], I recommended the Golden Compass [I have no recollection of this but there was courtroom drama going on] to you in addition to the Pink book [], but I thought the Pink book was more your style (see above.) I was…wrong.”

I think I was fairly geeky beforehand, but simply lacked access to things that might have interested me.  For example, I knew prior to Teh Smitten that I liked Red Dwarf and he got to help me see the end of the series and enjoy my pathetic renditions of the theme song.  Teh Smitten likes me so much that he even likes (kindly tolerates) my awful singing.

I may not prominently show off my copy of Peake’s Gormenghast (both the book and the BBC video), but I don’t exactly show off my copies of 120 Days of Sodom or Philosophy of the Bedroom.  (They stay under my bed.)   I like to think I’m a nicely twisted balance of nerd and soc.


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another year down

Despite spending an excellent day yesterday celebrating my 37th birthday with Teh Smitten, I am inexplicably blue today.  Damn hormones.

Teh Smit gifted me with Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials, the Cure’s greatest hits, Annie Lennox’s latest album, and – to my greatest delight and surprise – a bottle of Pineau des Charentes!

We laid around watching Firefly, went to Eastern Market where I bought myself some silly earrings and a Mexican chocolate flavored candle, had a couple glasses of the Pineau, a whisky, and then baked me a yellow cake.

We went to dinner at Dr. Granville Moore’s and gorged ourselves on brilliantly prepared mussels and frites.  Smit had the original mussels – white wine and herbs.  I had bacon, shallot and bleu cheese mussels.  The frites were excellent – we had malt vinegar and horseradish cream sauces to accompany them.  They have an extensive selection of Belgian ales.

After stuffing ourselves, we came home and iced the cake (original chocolate) and ated it.

Today, back to the real world.  I had anxiety-ridden dreams where Teh Smitten told me that he wasn’t that into me, I have cramps and a sugar-induced depression.

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