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immortalized in toddler couture fashion

A favorite and illustrious relative (she’s a second cousin something removed but I totally wish she was a first cousin) recently started an online business with her mom and grandmom designing, making and selling precious clothing for children.  After considerable and shameless begging, a dress has been named after me!!!  If only I didn’t have a need to keep my name out of this blog…  DAMMIT!

The site is called Lilyhill Vintage.  My cousin’s 91 year old grandmother actually tats the lace by hand and does the silk embroidery on the dresses.  So much smocking!   If you click on the hand-smocked page, you can find the dress named for me.  Personally, I feel that children should be dressed as children and wish I had a small darling little girl like my niece to outfit in my cousin’s designs.  Hell, I wish they made them in my size.

Here’s a photo of the niece (about a year and a half ago) in one of the pre-Lilyhill designs:

more smocking, please



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My insomnia is back and in great form. After not having a decent nights sleep since Friday, the rest of my body decided to rebel. I’ve stayed home today to try and catch up on sleep and bring the rest of my systems into order. Why, why, why must my digestive system go offline when I haven’t slept? Must all be stress-related. Tomorrow I see the good doctor to see about getting back on track. If the full dose of Lunesta ain’t doing it then its time for a change. I’ve tried valerian teas, valerian capsules, those stupid bedtime teas, benadryl, nyquil, and a variety of other (perfectly legal, thank you) things. They don’t work. My problem is dual: getting to sleep and staying asleep. It just keeps getting worse. I’m wondering about acupuncture. If anyone knows any decent acupuncturists in DC, please let me know.

As you know, Teh Smitten and I are living in sin right here in my very wee apartment. Recently, he got a $100 ticket for parking in my nabe. Evidently, there’s a crew of DC ticket witches that fly between midnight and 6 am just to sort out the out-of-state tags and rustle up some revenue. Considering the fact that DC is looking at an unexpected $75M deficit due to declining sales tax revenue, the ticket witches are sure to be ramping up on these activities. Anyone partaking in iffy parking activities should be extra careful for the time being. We’ve got a stop-gap solution of sorts – Smitsy is driving my car for now, leaving his at his place in VA. I just hope the brakes hold till I get my tax refund. Poor Toonces has been also starting a little oddly – takes an extra second or two between turning the key in the ignition and starting up. I hope it isn’t serious, maybe just a matter of putting better gas in her.

Now for the funny (for those of you who haven’t seen it before – I understand that I am quite behind the funny curve on a regular basis) – a three year old explains Star Wars.

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does he swing from a web? no he can’t; he’s a pig.

Although I no longer really subscribe to the hallmark-holidayness of St. Valentine’s Day, I do like small displays of affection.  I got Teh Smitten an Irish linen grandfather’s shirt to mark our ninemonthaverssary (which falls on the 18th – couldn’t wait to give it to him) and a small box of Neuhaus chocolates (which are sexytime in chocolate form).  I was the recipient of a Nordstrom gift card (which will go towards the purchase of a more comfortable boob supporter) and carry-out sushi (from Cafe Asia, beautifully set up by the time I got home from work – around 7:30).  We are both very tired from the week and are looking forward to the weekend.  We get to show some friends around our nabe on Sunday – we’re going to dinner at Dr. Granville Moore’s (a mecca of tons of Belgian ales and excellent mussels and frites) and might hit the Palace of Wonders for a free lesson in drawing nudes.  Live nudes!  For free!

Work kind of kicked my ass this week, but things went really well.  Even though it is my day off, I had to take care of some work this morning and now can’t bring myself to go back to bed.  I hate my inner guilt-monger, so am going to stuff her full of Spiderman Mac N Cheese.  While singing Homer Simpson’s song, “Spider Pig”.  Then maybe the wee bitch will take a nap.

Also, Teh Smitten and I got a webcam recently (he wants to do some sort of live gaming thing and I use it to talk to my family – the niece and nephew respond better to visuals).  If you have a skype account and a webcam, let me know so we can catch up.  You can see how pale I am and how untidy my place is at the same time you’re talking to me!

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