i love quick time harch

Here we are again. Tomorrow is my “compressed day”, meaning I have the day off and a four day weekend. The day was almost a good one – I let a very junior and useless employee get to me today. I’m a short timer in this department – I’ve been transferred to much greener pastures and am just waiting for them to find nice space for me at the headquarters. Accordingly, the old administrative staff is taking out their frustrations on the one person they no longer have to be nice to.

The good part of the day involved the short walk to get lunch at Cowgirl Creamery. CC usually makes two kinds of sandwiches for lunch – a vegetarian or a meat option. Today there was a “special option”: pork pate with sliced cornichons and lightly dressed field greens. It was fantastic. After spending the better part of my afternoon with my office door closed (I generally don’t advocate closed doors in office settings but it was either close the door or let my anger overcome me) I headed out a little early to the weekly farmer’s market where I picked up a delicious quiche ever: For $24, the baker has an applewood smoked bacon and spinach quiche made with a very nice gruyere. I also bought some baby bella mushrooms as they are nice for stuffing, and a pretty bunch of flowers. The quiche is pretty huge and makes 2-3 meals for us both. It may seem expensive, but I get six healthy slices out of that quiche for $4 a pop – really an excellent deal considering the quality and quantity.

Its game night for Teh Smitten, so while he geeks out next to me I’m, well, geeking out by blogging next to him. We’re really quite the pair. Teh Smit is very funny while he games. He’s playing some sort of cyberpunk adventure game online and via conference call with a few people across the US and world. He uses different voices for his character, makes little machine gun noises and such (he has been yammering on about “distant lizards”? “rats ate his pants”? “armor chafes with no pants”? really?). It makes him happy so it makes me happy.

What are our weekend plans, you ask? Well, tomorrow I will be taking care of important business such as the dry cleaning, the CVS and the Schneiders (local awesome purveyor of wine and spirits ). If I do anything tomorrow, I must get more booze – we are in need of Stone’s Green Ginger Wine, which is incredibly refreshing served over ice. We also need dark spiced rum so we can make Dark and Stormy’s. If we’re lucky tomorrow, we’ll have another Thin Man movie to watch and drink to (along with?). Saturday we have reservations for the soft launch of Sticky Rice – purveyor of sushi and tater tots! Within walking distance! So much woot, so little time. Sunday will be spent at the home of the Chef and his Clever Girlfriend, and Monday with Teh Smitten’s parents eating fresh crabs at their Chesapeake home.

If I’m smart, I’ll get to the CVS too. I learned that I haven’t been taking the synthroid correctly, which has probably resulted in a lack of proper absorption. I didn’t realize I had to avoid all forms of calcium within 4 hours of taking it. I also learned that I need to be taking several vitamins and other supplements. 16.5 days till we leave on vacation. Hopefully a combination of taking this medication properly, taking vitamins and vacation will help with this hamster heart situation.

I leave you all with a favorite scene from a Mel Brooks movie – it was Empress Nympho or Lily Von Schtupp. Who doesn’t love quick time harch?


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