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geeky crap is highly diverting even under the most trying circumstances

I’ve reached an all new geek high – now I like Dr. Who.  Teh Smitten has introduced me to the Christopher Eccleston version with Billie Piper.  Its quite charming and I’m totally into it.  He’s also gotten me into The Prisoner – the old 60’s series.  Ah, the wonder of Netflix.  Well, the wonder of the BBC.  The diversion was needed particularly this evening.  My aunt underwent open heart surgery today after a several hour delay.  Then, they had a really hard time getting her off the heart and lung machine – it is very difficult to get diabetes patients off the heart and lung machines and you have to remove those machines before you can close a person up.

It was a rough evening.  First, I got a call from my sister to tell me they were preparing the family for the worst.  That sent me to the bathroom for a wee sob session and surely caused Teh Smitten a fair bit of worry.  Being so far away and independent is difficult at times – I feel so guilty and helpless and impotent.  Also, pissed about the cost of airfare and feeling great regret for not having made the time to visit with my aunt during previous visits home.  And even though I’ve known that her health has been especially precarious for the past week, it took that call for me to finally realize that we may really lose her.  I sat back down next to His Cuteness after a good nose-blowing and told him to put Dr. Who on – and found it most helpful.  A second call came in about an hour later (can’t remember the last time it was so hard to pick up the phone) – this time to relay that they’d finally gotten her off the machine and she would be transferred to the ICU.  The next few days will be critical.  Please, please, please let her make it.



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I am in dire need of a vacation.  A real vacation where I go somewhere else and don’t think about work or have to do anything other than lift a tall cool glass of adult beverage (I’m an equal opportunity drinker) to my pale, parched lips.  This vacation could be as near as Dupont Circle or as far as somewhere on the Chesapeake, but I need it this weekend.  I need a patio, pool, poolside bar, and a cabana boy to fetch me and Teh Smitten frosty beverages.  I’m just having a hard time justifying the cost to go stay somewhere 15-45 minutes away from my messy apartment.  Even if that place does have a bonafide bathtub and poolside bar.  A decision will be made tomorrow.

Work is stressful.  It is prime hurricane season and we’re in the disaster business.  People are tense.  The contractor who is quitting and now on leave totally did not finish several crucial tasks that are now giving me acute heartburn.  My aunt is having open heart surgery tomorrow.  Her overall health has been delicate for a couple years so this may not go so well.  I am worried about my mom as a result – my aunt is her closest friend at this point.  To make things worse, it would be extremely difficult for me to get and take leave in case something happened; this upsets me.  My sinuses are at the worst since I’ve been using the Jala Neti Pot (sinus irrigation system – google it) and I’m worried I’m coming down with something now (hypochondria runs in the family).

Things that are good despite the above:  Teh Smitten, finding old friends on Facebook, this schadenfreude-ey new tv show called Wipe Out (seriously – laughing at that show has been a life saver).

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dr. horrible’s sing along blog – get to it quick!

The three parts are all online but will be taken down soon – perhaps tomorrow night. If you haven’t seen it yet, get to it! Joss Whedon – creator of Buffy, Firefly, Serenity and Angel – wrote it during the writers strike. I can’t believe he hadn’t worked with Neil Patrick Harris previously as it is a match made in heaven. NPH is my new crush (along with Helen Mirren).

Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog

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limiting strenuous activity

Its a code red day here in tropical Washington, DC, which means that people need to limit strenuous activity. I’m taking this warning as seriously as I possibly can and am limiting pretty much all activity. For serious. I just now managed to take a shower and put on clean pajamas. I’m not a complete sloth – I spent Thursday winging it to and from Chicago for a meeting and it really messed with my sinuses. Unfortunately, this means I’m not inclined to running to the liquor store for Teh Smitten so he can have a bonafide sazerac when he gets home tonight. Also, it means we’re having Totino’s pizza rolls and frozen corn for dinner. At least I have a brownie mix – dessert tends to make things better.

My niece started pre-school yesterday. Her backpack is nearly as big as she is. Why do pre-schoolers need backpacks?

I bought her that outfit.

I bought her that outfit.

Her backpack is cute in the extreme. Teh Smitten tells me he’ll pay me to get one like it and wear it to work. I accepted immediately, but what he doesn’t know is that I would have done it anyway.

I mean, who wouldn't want one of these?

I mean, who wouldn't want one of these?

I loves me cupcakes and accessories.  And pizza rolls.  I’ll feed Teh Smitten properly tomorrow.

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this will be our year

Teh Smitten is teh awesome. Srsly. A couple months back he gave me tickets for us to go see The Zombies at the Birchmere in celebration of our twelvemonthaversary. The show was tonight.

First thing – for those of you who are not familiar – go visit wikipedia for some background. The Zombies are a major part of rock and roll history. I had to explain this group to a twenty-something at work today and they broke up 2-3 years before I was even born. Kids today. Harumph.

Second – and this will be interesting to those of you who do know about the Zombies – they planted a fecking facemelter in the middle of She’s Not There. So, they still have a sense of humor. Here’s the 1965 version, which has not changed all that much:

I had initially worried that we would be the youngest people there. We weren’t. Some dude brought his 10 year old and there were a couple of ironic hipster types. Dressed ironically.

Now, while I fully acknowledge The Zombies’ widespread legacy and influence, I did not realize that one of the two founding members was responsible for Hold Your Head Up- a truly great rock anthem:

[OMG -did you see that they were on a show hosted by John Denver?]

My discovery of the Zombies was quite indirect. Several years ago The Brooklyn Freckler and Alabama Slama took me to see a tribute show in NYC by a very interesting group of folks who perform as The Loser’s Lounge. They performed at least 15 perfectly rendered songs – there was no deviation from the original and they were funny without having to “wink wink” at you all night. If you get a chance to see the Losers do a tribute (which have ranged from Elvis Costello to Serge Gainsbourg) and you’re in NYC, go. If you’re interested in the Zombies then start with the Odessey and Oracle – deemed #80 of the top 500 most important albums by Rolling Stone magazine. Time of the Season, my friends, is one of the most covered songs ever. I particularly liked Snowden’s version. Am including a clip below, but the free download I got off their site a couple years ago was much better.

As for Teh Smitten, I get to start and end most every day next to him and get him all to myself each weekend. Luckiest. Woman. Evar. Thank you, baby.

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sunday blues

I don’t know what the The Bangles were rattling on about, as Sunday has to be the most depressing day of the week. Unexpectedly, work is reach a fevered pitch this month: my contractor is leaving (for exhaustion), I travel to Chicago this week and Columbus next week, major quarterly meeting is looming next month… As a result, I eagerly await the start of each weekend and have come to bitterly dread the end.

Now that I’ve unburdened myself, let’s move on to nicer subjects.

I’ve discovered my new favorite allover scrub – it is Scrub of Your Life by Soap and Glory. It smells of dryer sheets, and maybe jasmine and honeysuckle – clean and fresh. I’m so tired of these overwrought fruity bath things – coconut lime flavored stuff is particularly offensive. Soap and Glory is some frou frou company from the UK – it is sold at either Barney’s Coop or Target here in the US. (Harvey Nicks in the UK). I found it at Target in an aisle next to where they were selling some Kiehls and Clarins stuff. Wow.

Teh Smitten and I sent to see Hellboy II last night and enjoyed it muchly. He’s taking me to see The Zombies this week at the Birchmere. On Thursday I head to Chicago for a meeting, but just for the day. With luck, I’ll be able to procure a bottle of a Chicago-distilled absinthe called Sirene. Also, we recently got a bottle of Creme de Violette and are figuring out ways to drink it properly. It is very pretty in the glass – and tastes and smells floral. Well, it vaguely smells like a perfume you might find on your great-grandmother.

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Well, actually, we’ve had a blottle of wine (think I’ll let that typo stick as it makes sense right now) and Teh Smitten has had 2 or so dark and stormy’s.  I followed up my glasses of wine with a wee absinthe and water – this puts me in a happy place without feeling drunk.  Now, the boy says he is a drink away from falling down – I have yet to see Teh Smitten so drunk that he’d fall down.  The concept is right up there with finding the abominable snowman.  This is actually a golden time in the evening for us – everything I say is funny (example: Me: “I’m not dominant, I just like things a certain way.” Him: laughing his ass off).  Also, he’s quite physically affectionate – I’m treated to head strokings and neck rubbings and other gentle  pettings one would expect from their love.  He also treats me to less gentle ministrations like insisting on putting his finger on my nose.  This last thing one that I cannot bear.  If he keeps it up he will find all future pairs of his undershorts in the freezer.

Tomorrow, to celebrate our nation’s independence from the British imperialists (and oh how I miss the British Bombshell and her Man – we had such a great 4th together 2 years ago – spend the afternoon at the Elephant and Castle – a faux English pub to watch the footie games and then dinner at a Mexican place.  I was this close to exploding from all the Guinness and Mexican food.) we have NO plans.  I think we’re going to sleep in, make waffles and eggs, watch a few dvds and then head up to the Palace of Wonders since they don’t have a cover charge tomorrow night.

I wonder how the Brits are doing right now – am thinking of you both!

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