Major quarterly meetings. Cresting next week. Training new contract staff. Outgoing contract staff not real helpful. One contractor went nuts last week, resigned on Thursday and Friday was her last day. It turns out that she didn’t do a damn thing last week – flat-out lied about everything I asked her about. Working so hard I barely have time to pee. Have lost the will to use proper grammar and sentence structure. Feeling kinda stabby, quite understandably Understabbily. Yeah, I need sleep.

Also, the mini-break thing just hasn’t worked out. I needed it, but not in the way that I now need to save money since we’re going to spend my birthday in Florida with Teh Smitten, sister, brother-in-law and delicious sobrinos. We’re going to Disney World. Got plans to take precious niece to tea with Disney Princesses, much drinking at the EPCOT wine and food festival (have been 2-3 times and being tipsy is the perfect way to approach the overwrought happy happy of WDW), then a few days vegging out on the beach at Treasure Island (near St. Pete). I’m a little concerned about subjecting my darling boyfriend to family insanity for so many days in a row… but with a substantial amount of alcohol we ought to be ok.

Three day park hopper passes are $270????? Per person?? Wow.

Despite the work oppression, had a couple bright points in my day:

1. Received new Alexander McCall Smith book from! – I love cheating the system and getting the books before they get to the US – The Unbearable Lightness of Scones – latest book in the 44 Scotland Street series and a true joy to read. Also, anyone who makes fun of Kundera gets a big plusplusplus in my book. (Men who are fans of Kundera and Rand are SCARY and should be avoided at all costs – Baby J – I am speaking to you. Clean slate = no more misogynists. Mkay?)

2. Gift in the form of Chanel skin care products from old HS friend who I found on Facebook! This woman is my new freaking hero. She works for the company – was one of their VP’s in NYC for a while – had some extra and wanted to share. How do you repay that sort of favor? I don’t have anything glamorous to offer in return; just my undying gratitude. That woman is replete with Karma.

3. Then, Teh Smitten grabbed and kissed the hell out of me. After making me spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner.

Maybe I can make it to October…  58 days and counting.



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3 responses to “curses

  1. Kissing after garlic bread? It must be love.

    That’s a pretty penny to pay for tea with Disney princesses, but she’ll love it.

  2. Andy B.

    I like Rand and Kundera, but I acknowledge that both can be scary.

    I view them as writers that needed to be saved from themselves, but I think there is much goodness and beauty in the ruins.

    But “The Unbearable Lightness of Scones” may be my favorite title since “Yoga for People Who Can’t be Bothered to do it.” (A freakin great book).

    I will get it.

    Hope all’s well. Sorry to be incommunicado. But things are headed back to “normal.”



  3. Don’t worry about it, Andy. I am DEEP into work hell this week (7 am to 8 pm each day) and have turned off my home phone until I can make it through Friday.

    There’s nothing wrong with reading Kundera or Rand. I have a problem with men who are Big Fans of either of them. Rand fans and objectivists are particularly scary.

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