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liveblogging the opening ceremony

Yeah, this will be the most I watch of the Olympics.

Are you watching the opening for the Olympics? What the eff was Hungary thinking? No woman would look attractive wearing a red and white floral bedspread. I gotta give Bobby Costas props for being diplomatic, evenly stating, “its all a matter of taste.” That is a quintessential Midwestern reaction. Well, the reaction to being at a total loss.

Croatia – do the guys look like they should work in an auto parts store?

The dancing Chinese go-go girls?  Cheerleaders??  Not as distracting when I think about it, but strange.

Why did Russia pair those shirts with the jackets? Why are people wearing jackets at all? It is August.

US has snazzy hats. Nicely fitted jackets. And people are cheering. That is lovely. NIce to know we’re liked. Hey – don’t the US athletes look like they should all be on a yacht somewhere? Hm. Ah, designed by Ralph Lauren.

I remark that many of the athletes are dressed like flight attendants. Jebus, especially Austria. Teh Smitten expresses shock that I have not noticed this before. I’m fairly certain that Teh Smitten claims having known things previously after I have announced my thoughts at least 78% of the time. Isn’t that convenient?

Can’t say anything bad about the Chinese, especially after they had the 9 year old earthquake survivor (if you didn’t mist up then you are entirely without heart) walk alongside Yao Ming.  You can’t blame an entire population for their leaders.  I’m not even sure you can blame democracies for their leaders anymore.


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