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furtive mornings

I am the only person at home (in family’s home) right now.  This is very unusual.  I am secretly relishing it and feel a twinge of guilt as a result.  All 3500 or 3800 or whatever square feet are all mine.  Mostly.  I take advantage of the time and quiet to catch up on Facebook, email, and the news.  It is hard to keep up with the news when I am visiting the family.

My parents and the nephew and niece were banished to a hotel last night so that my sister and brother in law could host a fantasty football party.  It reminded me, acutely, about the marvelousness of East Coast men and Teh Smitten.  Midwesterners, as a whole, are lovely and friendly.  St. Louisans in particular.  But the men are hard-core sports fans and macho, and they really don’t know how to talk to women.  These guys showed up with spreadsheets and laptops and proceeded to have a very intense (and beer filled) draft.  I vastly prefer Teh Smitten’s online gaming stuff to the sports crap.  I will actively support his gaming, in fact.

My mom doesn’t think I should have children.  I don’t think my sister thinks I should either.  Either they have gotten so used to me not having children that they think it is my natural state, or they think there is something flawed in my personality that would keep me from being a good mom.  This is starting to get to me.  At this point I’m not exactly interested in having children, but what if I change my mind next year?  There’s also the matter of my getting closer and closer to 40, and having to worry about Downs Syndrome and fertility issues.  Maybe I’m meant to just be the favorite aunt.  It still rankles.


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