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you get back here right now!

Teh Smitten and I had a nice Christmas with my family at their new home between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The first couple days were a bit harried, but Christmas day was spent at the beach and the day after with old friends and dinner at SoBe. To help stretch out the relaxing feeling, I upgraded us to first class for the trip back on Saturday night. About an hour after we landed, we got an irate call from my niece.

Niece: Allez! You left your peepee!!! [Unintelligible yelling…] You get back here right now!!

Me: [Trying real hard not to laugh because she is SERIOUSLY shocked and dismayed that we have LEFT A MAN BEHIND.] Wait, honey, let me put you on speaker… Now tell Teh Smitten what you just said to me.

Niece: Smit! You left your peepee!!!!! [You can hear everyone over the age of 5 laughing on both sides of the line at this point.]

To freshen your memory, here is the previous post about Pipi Le Chick.

The niece had plenty to say about this very serious parental lapse on my and Teh Smitten’s part, for which I should feel lots more guilty.  Pipi is very special to her as he has a delightfully soft and plaintive peep, and she knows him well from our Skype video conferences.  She demanded that we return immediately and fetch our precious baby.  I explained that he must have hidden from us while we were packing so that he could stay and winter with her in Florida.  I asked her to take special care of him for us.  She was somewhat placated.

Christmas is HARD.

Christmas is HARD.

We went to the beach on Christmas afternoon.  Teh Smitten and I lounged in our chairs and read our new books.  The niece crashed after about 10 minutes.

I told you I was tired.

I told you I was tired.

We took mercy on her wee neck and put her in a lounge chair.

So, Christmas was nice.  My mom wasn’t on my case for anything.  The weather was nice (maybe a little rainy for a couple days), we found a pub down there that serves Belhaven on draft as well as fried p0undcake (which is so wow), and we had a brief respite from cold and gray DC.

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holy cow, its already christmas

How did that happen?

The season seemed extra short and extra stressful. Having a decent job and no mortgage does not help one to feel recession-proof. This was the first year in a long time when I did not have all my Christmas shopping pretty much done before Thanksgiving. I dragged my feet and had a hard time getting into the spirit of the season. Work is partially to blame, but I feel badly about not doing better with gift-giving. And the foot-dragging has even affected the gift wrapping, which I usually enjoy. Not this year. Its gift bag city under my family’s tree. We ran out of tissue, rendering several gifts not so much a surprise.

There’s not really anything I really wanted this year. Jewelry and stuff are fun, as are little pocketbooks and silly things. For example, our West Coast friends – members of our Urban Tribe who fled for better jobs and neat weather – sent me this wonderful pop-up book on the history of the bra and these fantastic whisky stones (you freeze them and put them in your whisky so you can cool it but not water it down) to Teh Smitten. We were so pleased.

We’ve pretty much just gotten the kids to bed in the last half hour so maybe they’ll sleep till 9… It is always fun to watch them open their gifts. My nephew adores Teh Smitten and insisted on going out and buying him a game for Smit’s X-Box 360 (a gift from his dad). Tomorrow will be quite manic and magical, and maybe we’ll even get down to the beach to enjoy the 80 degree weather for a while. I’ll try to capture some of the magic on photograph and post.

In any case, just wanted to convey my wishes to you for a wonderful Christmas. I will be among the people I love the most, feeling extremely lucky.

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