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doing my patriotic duty

It was not a major purchase, but I finally got a new loveseat.  People all around me (well, okay, two people) have gotten new ones and I was full of envy.  I’ve had my current loveseat since my mom bought it for me at least 10 years ago.  I know.  Its sad.  Jennifer Convertibles made a decent product though, and it was doing well until about 9 months ago.  It was fine for one person’s generous ass.  Having to deal with two people’s asses for the past 18 months was just too much and the support is gone.  The cushions haven’t ripped, but they lack bounce.  The pillows are a bit misshapen.  I’m hoping I can donate it to AmVets or something since DC regs won’t let me just put it out on the curb for the public to take away – its just a matter of having AmVets pick it up the same day the new loveseat of glory [cue angels singing] is delivered.

The new loveseat comes in a rich chocolate velvet (from Macys).  Why just a loveseat?  Because I live in a hobbit hole.  I’m still debating getting the accent chair to go with it (it almost costs the same amount) but am afraid of overwhelming my tiny abode.  Also, it would mean putting the cute but uncomfortable vintage chair into storage.  At some point, Teh Smitten and I will move into a larger place and will be able to expand our available seating.  We’re not in a hurry to do so in this economy.  Also, I’m more interested in spending on travel than rent/mortgage.  My family thinks I’m nuts. Maybe I just have a fear of housing commitment.

In other good news, things are on the verge of going completely my way at work.  I hope to have a new minion by the start of March; she’s accepted the tentative (its all tentative till you pass the background check) offer and its now just a matter of getting through the remaining red tape.  The Federal hiring process is horribly broken and its no wonder that its so hard to recruit the best and brightest. Also, I’ve been accepted into a prestigious leadership program for the next year.  It will provide some much needed development and help me to continue to move forward.  My boss, who is retiring soon, did me a huge glorious solid on getting me into the program and I’ll miss him like hell.  Now if I could only get my contractor to perform at the level she should be performing.

Health-wise things could be a bit better.  The rapid pulse problem is back, probably because things got a bit dicey with the job (contractor problems – one of them wasn’t doing their job which meant my workload increased significantly and I had them taken off the project; the other one isn’t performing well and is a nervous wreck because they know I’m not happy)  in early January.  Either I’m not dealing well with stress/anxiety or its the thyroid again.  It affects my ability to sleep, my mood, my gut, etc., and the pulse medication makes me sluggish – its whole purpose is to slow you down.  Taking a flight of stairs up is a slog and winds me.  Teh Smitten and I have changed our diet to try and counteract things – much less red meat, more vegetables, watching the salt, more oatmeal and less eggs on weekends, etc.  Lean ground turkey has replaced lean ground beef for taco nights (and we don’t use sour cream).  I see the doctor the week after next.  Warmer weather and longer days would be helpful – I just can’t motivate to exercise when it is dark and cold.

A trip to Florida is in the works.  Just for me and just a quick weekend.  I had bought a ticket for the end of March, but I now have to be in Gettysburg on the 29th to start the first week of leadership training so need to call Orbitz and reschedule.  It might end up costing less to buy a new ticket at this point.  A weekend of sunshine and to check on the fam would be both nice and stressful.  I also need to find time for Teh Smitten and I to get away.  We’ve been thinking about going up to NYC to see my friends and visit a couple famous cocktail places.  Teh Smitten’s cocktail curiousity just grows and grows.


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