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where the hell have i been?

Life just keeps happening, faster and faster.  Well, kind of faster.  For example, each week of June seemed painfully long but when I got to July 1, I couldn’t figure out where the month had gone.  I started a leadership program that keeps me busy and has a more interesting reading list than I had anticipated.  Work is good, but I’m a little burned out.  The bosses have promoted me to a 15 and I start a 60 day detail with another part of the department in August.  This week will be my last in the office until October 5th as I have leadership training in Norfolk the 19th through the 24th and have to conduct a meeting in Grand Forks, ND from the 27th through the 30th.  I’m not stressing yet so I’m either incredibly prepared or in utter denial.  Oh, and Teh Smitten and I bought our tickets to Europe.  We’re going over the Thanksgiving holiday (oh yeah, I return from Kansas City on a Friday and immediate fly out of the country the next day which is INSANE), flying into Barcelona and out of Toulouse.  So, in the midst of leaning leadership skills, upping the professional ante and trip planning, things are busy.  Getting cable in June does not help me focus.  I have cable-related ADD and cannot manage to watch most programs to their end, preferring to flip channels constantly.

In the interest of my sanity and health, I decided not to attend my 20th HS class reuinion.  It looks like it was fun, but I figure I’ve got FB to keep up with folks, and maybe I’ll make it to the 25th or 30th.  People should have mellowed out even more by then, right?  And gained weight?  I really don’t need to be the one classmate where everyone is like, “oooohhhh, she used to be so pretty.

Radio silence will probably continue until sometime in August.


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