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sanjay gupta needs a good throat punching

CNN is usually a perfectly decent source of information.  They’ve got that handsome Anderson Cooper  – who never seems to break a sweat – hanging haplessly out in the midst of a destroyed Port au Prince.  I’m okay with a news correspondent showing human suffering and intense devastation, but not a fully qualified medical doctor.  I don’t know who is paying Dr. Sanjay Gupta to just be CNN’s correspondent instead of letting that man treat all these horribly injured and likely dying people, but I think they need to be throat punched too, while we’re at it.  I want to see Anderson helping to dig people out, handing out water, handing out food, in addition to telling the story.  I want to see that t-shirt get dirty and that hair get mussed.  They could be photographing all the dead in the hope that they might be identified some day.

While we’re at it, Pat Robertson – who said that Haiti invoked this earthquake by being in agreement with Satan – needs a full-body punching and a nice long rest in some rural and poorly-funded mental hospital’s dementia unit.  I think Pat might be from hell, so figure he should actually be punished while here on earth.

Its the photos of the children in Haiti that really get to me.  Deceased children, wounded children, children in terrible shock and fear.  If there’s anyone out there with access to that fame-whore, Sanjay, please please please punch him in the throat and tell him to do something useful.


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