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hey, big spender

So, today, I had a little time and decided to do a little cruise research.  It started harmlessly enough.  I called a travel agent to inquire about the amount of on-board credit they may give in exchange for transferring my reservation to them.  This first conversation led to a 2nd with Celebrity Cruise lines, where I somehow determined that I needed to upgrade to a sky suite from concierge class, on the Penthouse deck.  Then I giggled like a fool for a little while, sent Teh Smitten an instant message that I had a surprise for him, and left message with our fun friends who plan to go with us.  You know what sold me?  Butler service, afternoon tea, and a bathtub.

No, I’m lying.  It was just the butler service.

Fun friend – she needs a nickname – called back and I shared my bit of reckless abandon.  FF liked the cut of my jib and proceeded to take notes on the benefits of upgrading.  She reported that she would check with her husband and get back to me.  She thought she could sell him the idea purely on the merit that a larger balcony = more room to get it on.  Well, this is true, but it also gives the folks on Deck 14 a show they ain’t paid for…

On the way home, Teh Smitten, knowing that I have the impulse control of an 8 year old boy, quickly guessed my surprise.  Since I also cannot lie to save my life, I fessed up.  He approved.  He likes it when I giggle foolishly and encourages me to no end.

Then FF and her husband call, while on another phone with a Celebrity agent.  They are booking the suite, but on Deck 12 and not Deck 10, where the balconies are HUGE.  Like 179 square feet instead of 69 square feet.  Also, there are potentially huge benefits to not being the deck under the pool or grill.  We (okay, I) panic, thinking they are on to something really awesome that we might miss out on, and call Celebrity simultaneously to try and improve our balcony situation.  I’m not an outdoor nookie sort of person, mind you, but there wasn’t a difference in cost between the decks and I like the idea of not competing for a deck chair.

I do, however, suspect that I am a butler person.  FF reminded us that there was good rationale to making the upgrade:  you are given first chance to disembark at ports, get better service, the little spa therapy pool is free to us, etc.  I’ve now spent the last 2 hours trying to find photos of our suite’s bathroom to no avail.  Neither the cruise lines or previous cruisers have posted photos of bathrooms. So annoying.  I need to know that the bathtub is Lush Bath Bomb-worthy.

In related news, I cannot save money.  This does not bode well for my old age.

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