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i don’t need your stinkin’ timeline


What a crapfest of a day. A completely defeating Monday where I spent 10 minutes updating my resume out of spite. Then I came home to Teh Fluffitude and made a yummy but fattening dinner, took a bath, and then had the most lengthy and perfect cuddle with the pup ever. A glimpse of the awesome dog she will be? I hope. It really helps on the meh days.


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snow affective disorder

For the past 5 years (or so), the months of January and February have been really hard on me.  It got easier once my thyroid problem was diagnosed and they put me on synthroid, and this year has been easier than past years.  However, the snow is killing me.  DC is mired in tall mounds of dirty snow and ice.  Roads are not back to normal – we’re still missing having more than one traffic lane in most neighborhoods.  People (including me) are getting nasty over shoveled parking spots.  After spending a couple days digging out, TRUST ME, you’re going to want to key that asshole who snags your spot and then sits in it for the next three days.  On top of all that, I’ve had sinusitis since October – not being completely well is not helping.  I see the ENT again on Wednesday to go over last week’s CT scan to figure out what to do next. I have a partially deviated septum and a concha bullosa.  Whatever that means.  I don’t care what they have to do to make it better at this point.

I was smart and bought a ticket to go see the fam in Miami a few weeks back.  I leave on Thursday night and return on Monday.  Its a short trip, but hopefully will help boost vitamin D and mental health back into better ranges.  The fam is all, “I hope it is warmer when you get here.”  Um, 60 degrees F IS warm compared the DC frozen tundra.  I’m bringing sandals regardless.  Teh Smitten is staying home and will probably spend it watching awful horror movies and playing video games in utter filth.  Good for him.  You gotta do what you gotta do to stay sane.

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on the wagon

We’re mostly dry at Chez Allezoop these days due to Teh Smitten’s unconfirmed fatty liver (non-alcoholic) disease. Once confirmed (hopefully later this month) we may be able to commence having our daily bread wine again. Technically, I could drink but we believe in solidarity around here. Well, 9 days out of 10 we do.

This is tough on Teh Smitten since fancy artisanal and old school cocktails are among his passions, and because people who complain about not being able to drink are automatically labeled alcoholics. (Sometimes I not so secretly long to live in Europe where folks have a more balanced view of these things.) Fortunately, we both – and his doctor – know better.

Once I get my tax refund, I’m seriously thinking about whisking the cutie and me off to somewhere for some relaxation. How far can I get us for a total of $2K to $2.5k?  Considering that our current outlet is an xbox 360 game called Fable II and that I have developed a true hate for my blackberry, out of the country would be nice.  Could I do Spain for us both for $3k?

Lastly, I need to come up with 2 60 day rotations in other Federal agencies.  Who wants a GS-14 with external affairs and policy skilz?  My agency is paying the way…

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doing my patriotic duty

It was not a major purchase, but I finally got a new loveseat.  People all around me (well, okay, two people) have gotten new ones and I was full of envy.  I’ve had my current loveseat since my mom bought it for me at least 10 years ago.  I know.  Its sad.  Jennifer Convertibles made a decent product though, and it was doing well until about 9 months ago.  It was fine for one person’s generous ass.  Having to deal with two people’s asses for the past 18 months was just too much and the support is gone.  The cushions haven’t ripped, but they lack bounce.  The pillows are a bit misshapen.  I’m hoping I can donate it to AmVets or something since DC regs won’t let me just put it out on the curb for the public to take away – its just a matter of having AmVets pick it up the same day the new loveseat of glory [cue angels singing] is delivered.

The new loveseat comes in a rich chocolate velvet (from Macys).  Why just a loveseat?  Because I live in a hobbit hole.  I’m still debating getting the accent chair to go with it (it almost costs the same amount) but am afraid of overwhelming my tiny abode.  Also, it would mean putting the cute but uncomfortable vintage chair into storage.  At some point, Teh Smitten and I will move into a larger place and will be able to expand our available seating.  We’re not in a hurry to do so in this economy.  Also, I’m more interested in spending on travel than rent/mortgage.  My family thinks I’m nuts. Maybe I just have a fear of housing commitment.

In other good news, things are on the verge of going completely my way at work.  I hope to have a new minion by the start of March; she’s accepted the tentative (its all tentative till you pass the background check) offer and its now just a matter of getting through the remaining red tape.  The Federal hiring process is horribly broken and its no wonder that its so hard to recruit the best and brightest. Also, I’ve been accepted into a prestigious leadership program for the next year.  It will provide some much needed development and help me to continue to move forward.  My boss, who is retiring soon, did me a huge glorious solid on getting me into the program and I’ll miss him like hell.  Now if I could only get my contractor to perform at the level she should be performing.

Health-wise things could be a bit better.  The rapid pulse problem is back, probably because things got a bit dicey with the job (contractor problems – one of them wasn’t doing their job which meant my workload increased significantly and I had them taken off the project; the other one isn’t performing well and is a nervous wreck because they know I’m not happy)  in early January.  Either I’m not dealing well with stress/anxiety or its the thyroid again.  It affects my ability to sleep, my mood, my gut, etc., and the pulse medication makes me sluggish – its whole purpose is to slow you down.  Taking a flight of stairs up is a slog and winds me.  Teh Smitten and I have changed our diet to try and counteract things – much less red meat, more vegetables, watching the salt, more oatmeal and less eggs on weekends, etc.  Lean ground turkey has replaced lean ground beef for taco nights (and we don’t use sour cream).  I see the doctor the week after next.  Warmer weather and longer days would be helpful – I just can’t motivate to exercise when it is dark and cold.

A trip to Florida is in the works.  Just for me and just a quick weekend.  I had bought a ticket for the end of March, but I now have to be in Gettysburg on the 29th to start the first week of leadership training so need to call Orbitz and reschedule.  It might end up costing less to buy a new ticket at this point.  A weekend of sunshine and to check on the fam would be both nice and stressful.  I also need to find time for Teh Smitten and I to get away.  We’ve been thinking about going up to NYC to see my friends and visit a couple famous cocktail places.  Teh Smitten’s cocktail curiousity just grows and grows.


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art and rant

Last night, Teh Smitten and I were treated to complimentary tickets to see The Kiss of the Spider Woman at Signature Theatre.  A talented friend – who won a Helen Hayes Award last year for his role in Assassins – is playing one of the sadistic guards.  The musical isn’t run that often, and I haven’t yet seen the movie.  It is now in our Netflix queue.  Said friend also has a spooky amount in common with Teh Smitten; I’ll have to get those two together to share their thoughts on music, books and movies.  Tomorrow we’re seeing Teller’s Macbeth at Folger Shakespeare Library.  It has had great reviews.  Maybe not the most romantic play for our tenmonthaversary, but I’m excited.

Political rant:  I’m no fan of Michael Moore.  He irritates me.  But you’re doing yourself a great disservice if you don’t rent Sicko during this election year.  This country should be a better place and it is each person’s responsibility to go out and vote.   Watching this movie will make you envy the enfranchised citizens of Canada, the UK and France.  Having aging parents – both with health problems – as well as having had some health problems myself the past couple months makes the health care (and the associated dearth of time-off in this country) makes this issue very personal.  Yeah, the French are yellow-bellied surrender monkeys but their standard of living is still superior.  The average poor British citizen lives longer than the average wealthy American.  We’re working longer hours than ever, our economy is in the crapper, Iraq was so unbelievably wrong-headed…  Teh Smitten makes a really good point about election day not being a national holiday – there’s something wrong with a system that will not allow hard-working people the luxury of voting without worrying about losing a day’s pay.

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pin cushion

My acupuncturist tells me that I am making some improvement.  He knows this by the color of my tongue.  A pale tongue indicates poor circulation and stuff.  He can also tell that I’m having tummy trouble by checking my pulse on both wrists.  I don’t know if he’s a charlatan or the real deal,  but I totally dozed off during my session (it is that relaxing) on Wednesday and I am feeling better.  That could also be a function of the thyroid medication (it takes about two weeks to take effect) and having slept better since Tuesday night (thank you, Benadryl!).  Man, Monday and Tuesday were very rough days for me, leaving me more than a little worried about the state of my health.  I was secondarily worried that Teh Smitten might be inclined to R-U-N-N-O-F-T as a result of what had become my chronic crankiness.

The acupuncture is pretty cool and I’m a little sad that insurance limits me to 24 sessions a year as I could see going once a week to help with everything from stress to serious back pain.  Its even supposed to help women get pregnant if they’re having problems.  No – not worried about that at the moment.  I had a hard time understanding the acupuncturist at first, but his accented English is becoming clearer.  During my second session he inserted a needle to the left of my navel and said, with a polite smile, “This one help with weight control.”  I was tempted to tell him to super size that needle.

Teh Smitten has the first few seasons of Ab Fab on VHS and we’ve been watching them intermittently.  It has helped with the very cranky days.  One of the first episodes has Eddy going to the hospital for some sort of toe problem.  She has private insurance which entitles her to a virtual smorgasborg of valium and Bolle champagne.  The doctor ends up fishing out an acupuncture needle from her big toe, leaving Eddy to exclaim, “But I’ve only ever had cranial acupuncture…  God knows what organs it speared as it made its way south!”  Teh Smitten asked me if I keep track of the needles as they are inserted and removed, and I can’t.  I try to but then find myself lulled into this dreamy relaxed state and lose count.  Maybe those needles are dipped in sedatives first?

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The doctor has prescribed a low-level dose of synthroid as it seems my thyroid levels are a bit low.  While the note and prescription didn’t say what my levels are, it could explain a lot (anxiety, pulse, digestive problems, inability to lose weight, etc).  I started taking the synthroid today, and hope it doesn’t make the fast pulse situation much worse.

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